Friday, April 1, 2011

The best April Fools Prank ever--the owner of the iDevice

This is the best joke to play with your friends on the iPhone or iPad. We were having fun with a little bit this morning one of our guys. Please note that our friend to know about our Web site to run on the iPhone, so they are usually displayed in the us the "tech guy" who knows what's going on in the world of voice search.
We could not resist, and so we began, just matter of factly testing requirements of the "Get flash on my iPad" and told them not to look for the Adobe Flash for iTunes. They looked for a while and we've loved, that they were sitting in the software, so that they are looking for to finally get Flash, the iPad.
Unfortunately, they found nothing. About 20 minutes after they are sent back to the "does not appear in the" message. It was fun, until we have a bit of lead finally to tell you that we had was just the chain pullin'. April Fools indeed.
This one tends to work if only casually to raise, don't overhype. Tell them to check out the application and does not believe anything, they check it out. Unfortunately we do not yet have Adobe Flash on the iPhone or iPad. Behold, how long does it take before your friend's software development environment, they are just joshin'.